Painting Walls Makes Apartment Look Bigger


If you know how to make a living room, bedroom or your entire apartment bigger with a simple paint job, then you literally have an endless menu of options to choose from.  For the quarters and nickels scattered in your couch pillows, you can go all Incredible Hulk on any space and transform it into a completely different looking creature.  Most importantly, you can make it sing with your personality.

Hopefully the following will inspire some DIY painting ideas.

Whether it a few brushstrokes on a single wall or a complete “throw tarps everywhere, let’s get busy” paint job, adding or streamlining colors is a phenomenal way to dress up your apartment, with a bit of style to boot.  You can alter the mood of a living room, energize the vibe in your bedroom and/or make your kitchen or dining space more lively and playful, or serene, or somber, or louder by painting walls…  the ideas and possibilities are limited only by colors in the rainbow.

Think of each and every wall as a blank canvas.  You can either leave them alone, and go the simple, basic, sparse design route…  OR, you can roll up your sleeves, get creative, get artistic and dive into the thoroughly rewarding project of transforming your apartment or living space.


We’ve all stared at those squiggly lined things and seen fish or a rocket ship, right?  Haven’t we all done that?  Anyways.  That’s an optical illusion.  While the fish is there, it’s also kinda sorta not.  Same thing with utilizing different paint colors.  Let’s say your living room isn’t as big as you want it to be.  If you change the wall color(s) in your living room, it can create the illusion of it being larger.  The paint doesn’t make the room physically larger – that would be some cool paint if it could – it makes the room look bigger.  Thus, the illusion you create when your paint becomes quite real.


Rule #1 is…  stick to neutral colors!  Neutral colors are literally ones that are in the middle of the color spectrum:  light shades, earth tones like tan or beige, and even some dark browns or light blacks can all be called neutral colors.  The common belief among design “professionals” is that while dark colors make a space seem smaller, cozier and that neutral colors make walls appear to be drifting off, because the colors themselves don’t jump out at you.  But, that’s their rule.  Not yours.

Or not!  Fortunately, these design professionals don’t live in your apartment.  They don’t know where you live or what kind of space you want to make.  Yay!  Neutral colors can also be very boooooooring.  It’s up to you.  After all, there are gazillions of colors to choose from.


Let’s run through some of the basic colors, what they might mean and how they are used:


White – Painting a wall white has always meant purity, simplicity and even a bit spiritual.  Old school Hollywood movies would name the good guy the White Hat or the good princess Snow White.  While some think that white is a boring, nothing color, when used correctly it can be the showstopper.

Blue – Painting walls blue is a all about creativity, intelligence and depth.  The deep blue sea.  The endless blue skies.  It also has a really cooling, soothing, affect on humanoids –- a lot of babies rooms are painted some shade of blue.  Some think that the color blue os good for those that are conscious about what they eat, as there are very few blue foods and the color itself won’t make people hungry.  It’s a cool color, with lots of shades.  Use blue at your own discretion, and have fun!
Yellow – To the human eye, yellow appears as the brightest of all colors.  When people enter a yellow room, it can and does have a powerful, energetic affect – yellow represents energy, youth, fun & happiness.  Yellow is as bright as bright can be, like the sun itself.  It is a great color juxtaposed against others, like a red or a white or a blue.  That’s part of the fun of painting walls and this whole exercise.  It’s about exploring and experimenting with different colors.
Green – Green is an incredibly popular color not only in home /apartment design, but also on the internet, with web designers.  Green, the color, is everywhere – our lawns, our food, our money…  literally, everywhere.  Psychologically, green projects health, prosperity and even a sense of safety.  Various shades of green, from light to dark, can be very fun to play with, especially against other colors like whites and reds.

There’s tons of information out there about colors, their meanings and the impact each one might have on your walls.  Check it out, there’s some cool ideas.


Have you painted some walls, moved some furniture around, used mirrors or unique design tricks to make your space look larger?  If you have, it’d be great if you would share the love.  We want to know what magical, lyrical, colorful ideas you deployed to make your space scream.  Seriously!  Please do, in the comments section, so that all can see.

Happy Painting!

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