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With a constantly evolving climate in online marketing it’s hard for newcomers to know where to start with SEO, how to go about it, where to find the best information, and what tools to use. All businesses have the option to do one of two things, hire someone in house, or out, to do their SEO for them. Whatever that decision ends up being, it could get pricey. When it comes to SEO firms you really are paying for quality. The less a service costs, I suggest you be weary.

So if you want to keep the costs down, but still manage to get yourself a nice reputation online to see a significant ROI and conversion rate, then you really need to know how to go about building your social media machine.

Laid out here in this series of articles are the steps you MUST take to foster a successful social media campaign. Remember, in all of your online marketing endeavors, the most important thing that absolutely can NOT  be sacrificed if you want to see results is QUALITY.

The King of the Heavy Hitters: Facebook

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Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a Facebook profile. Even some people’s pets have them.

As a business, whether individual or a team, you’ll need two things:

  1. A Profile

  2. A Business Page

These are two separate pages connected with one log in. Your profile is your own personal page where you’re friends with everyone and their mom’s, and you share various things like check in’s at In ‘n’ Out and random updates about your epiphanies.

Your business page is structured exactly the same as your profile, except there are two amazing tools you’ll have at your fingertips:

  • Your Dashboard

  • Facebook Graph Search

The dashboard at the top of your page gives you all the information you need to know about how posts are doing, how many people are interacting with your content, as well as other general information about your page.

It’s important to use the tools on this dashboard to focus your energy on the content that is being received well, and seeing how you can apply the strategies you used in that content creation to new efforts.

The best tool however that will be available very soon for all on Facebook is their new Graph Search. It’s currently in Beta and being tested by a select few who have been on the waiting list long enough to get a taste.

The idea behind Graph Search is to be able to find ANYTHING on Facebook. New in town and not sure where the best sushi is? Want to meet new people in your area who enjoy moonlight hikes? Maybe you just want to be able to locate every image you’ve ever “liked” since you first started your profile.

All of this and more will be possible with Graph Search. Currently the idea is to be able to run basic searches like “Which of my friends enjoys hiking” and you’ll see a list of your friends who’ve included hiking in their interests or somewhere on their profile.

Zuckerberg has stated however that the goal is to generate a far more advanced version to the point where the only place you need to go for any information is Facebook. Graph Search will provide each person with unique results based on their query and the information on their own profile thereby eliminating the need for broad or vague search results, for those who don’t have a firm grasp on search operators, to manipulate results on Google for example.

How to Use Graph Search

Graph Search












Facebook’s Graph Search will revolutionize the way businesses conduct their outreach. Say for example you are a small soap store, specializing in homemade organic and eco friendly soaps. You’re sales are poor online, and you have almost no foot traffic at your brick and mortar store.

Here are some search queries for Facebook Graph Search that could potentially turn your sales around for the better:

  • People that participated in Earth Hour

  • Eco-friendly/Eco friendly

  • People who are Vegan

  • People who are Vegetarian

  • Animal Cruelty Activists

  • People who live in Silverlake

  • People who live in Berkeley

Doing searches like these could introduce you to high quantities of new possible customers. Keep in mind though that Facebook and Graph Search are just the tools. You have to put in the the effort to convert that time into customers, and to see a return on this investment. After doing these searches you have to take the time to reach out and make connections. Start conversations and follow through with them.

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s that networking is your best asset when it comes to business. Before you can network though you have to make sure that you and your product are prepared.

What To Include On Your Business Page

  • Intriguing & Original Posts

    • They should all be a call to action to promote interaction from new and existing fans

  • Information

    • Sales

    • Products

    • Services

Make an effort not to hard sell your products and services though. Facebook is not a typical sales floor, and if people feel you are pushing too hard to sell, they WILL IGNORE your posts. Stick with a soft sell approach – very soft.

  • Images

    • Of yourself or your employees hard at work

    • The “product of the day”

This is a great way to build sales actually. Offering a 20% discount on the product of the day to Facebook fans will draw them to your site, which ultimately could convert that sale into a high UPT or high $PT depending on how your eStore is set up, which can be a monster of a project in itself.

Videos on Facebook












  • Videos

    • Tutorials

    • Viral Video’s

    • Interviews

    • Customer Reviews

If you’re a women’s clothing store for example specializing in Ready to Wear, have Fashion Friday videos, where you style two outfits using 5 pieces from your stock. The first outfit will be for work, and the second will be the restyling of a sheath dress to go out for drinks with your girlfriends.

If you’re a personal trainer, post Saturday Shreds, where you provide a tutorial on 3 moves that everyone should be incorporating into their workout on a regular basis for improved muscle strength.

The possibilities are endless with videos. “How do I make one” you ask? There are options.

  1. Animoto – You can pick one of their free themes, upload images, and add text. The program strings it all together and even provides background music. This is an easy way out, and not something I suggest doing regularly.

  2. Pretend You’re Woody Allen – Purchase a camcorder and a tripod and get started on your own. Use as many takes as you’d like, and edit the video on your computer, there are a number of programs available for all different proficiencies.

  3. Hire Woody Allen – Don’t think you can hack it yourself? Hire someone who knows how to wield a camera, write out a script or an order of scenes and put together a professional video. Worried about the cost? Hire an intern from the local art school. They get school credit, and experience, and you have a professional looking video.

Stay tuned for our next heavy hitter: YouTube

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